Leaders should motivate their employees not make them feel more drained. Therefore you should always work on giving them credit for their achievements or new ideas and pay attention to their needs. The more you motivate them, the more they will be excited to come to work every day and the more it will enhance their spirits to be productive. These are the techniques that will help you to do so and the reasons why motivating your employees is a must!

– Acknowledge and reward successes: If you motivate someone to take action, but don’t acknowledge the accomplishment, they will be deceived or tired when you approach them again in the future for something else. So take the time to call that specific person into your office, or to write them an email. Recognition of past successes is a motivator for future progress. Failing to do so can lead to bitter and defensive employees.

– The bigger vision: If you’re seeing a lack in motivation or productivity, it’s probably because they’ve lost the connection between what they are doing and their “why.” Actively search for their “why” during conversations, so that when there is a lull in motivation, you can be there to remind them of the big picture.

– A friendly environment at the workplace: If you create a friendly and comfortable atmosphere for your employees, then they will be more eager to go to work every day.

– Small steps; big goals: You might need to explain the chain of events that are necessary to accomplish the big goals. No step is unimportant. When you emphasize the importance of events, you will show them that small details and steps count.

– Target what triggers them: The best kind of motivation doesn’t come from you; it comes from people themselves. Thus, get to know your employees, even if you’re too busy to take the time to get to them. If you develop a stronger relationship with your employees, they will be more motivated to work for you as a result. Also, when you’re having a conversation with someone, pay close attention to what they say and how they say it. Chances are, they are giving you clues on how to best motivate them in that moment. When you detect more energy behind certain words, use it to help your motivational efforts.